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It Matters.

MEPS ATMs fulfills your banking needs, giving you more time for your loved ones. We understand your need for a secure, fast and convenient option when making credit card as well as loan repayments, fund transfers and cash withdrawals that’s why you’re sure to find a MEPS ATM close to you.

Instant Transfer

Perform instantaneous fund transfers from any MEPS ATM direct to any bank account. Conducted online and in real-time, it’s meant to make everyone’s lives easier, because it matters.

Loan / Financing

Your monthly commitments settled in one stop. Instantly make repayments for your mortgage, hire purchase or personal loans from various banks from a MEPS ATM.

Credit Card

Multiple credit card payments can now be made simultaneously at MEPS ATMs nationwide while you’re on the go. Your convenience and security comes first at all times.


No matter which bank you’re with, you’ll be able to perform cash withdrawals nationwide wherever there's a MEPS ATM nearby. Available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s just so easy with MEPS.

Instant Transfer
Real-time processing

Whenever a transaction for a payment is made or a instant transfer has been carried out, you can be certain that it’s being processed in real-time to ensure immediate recipient on the other end.


Safe & secure

Conduct transactions with assurance. MEPS ATMs make it safe for you to conduct your day-to-day banking, securely. By displaying the beneficiary’s name when you’re making a instant transfer, MEPS ATMs minimizes the likelihood of crediting errors.


At MEPS ATMs or any 12,300
partnering ATMs nationwide.

Simplicity in banking, MEPS ATMs operate 24/7. Whether it’s at a MEPS ATM or any of 12,300 participating banks nationwide, we’re ensuring your banking needs is taken care of at all times through our vast network. Locate a MEPS ATM nearest to you today.

Participating Banks in MEPS ATM network:

Cross-Border Cash Withdrawal in the MEPS ATM network

If you’re a foreigner in Malaysia, you don’t need to worry about finding cash. Our MEPS ATMs provide cross-border cash withdrawal service to foreigners from regional countries such as China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

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